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Campus2Corporate - Bridging the Gap


Today corporate needs thinking, flexible, proactive workers. They need creative problem solvers, workers smart and skilled enough to move with new technologies and with the ever-changing competitive environment. They need workers accustomed to collaborate with co-workers to participate in quality circles, to deal with people high and low. Further, communication skills and people skills should be necessary skills of the modernworkers.

We are committed to meet the above expectations, as we understand the needs well. How we learn and how we teach are changing drastically and fast according to the developments in the industrial sector, both software and manufacturing, as we want to keep pace with the fast developing world and offer the best of the human resources to the corporate and industry and in-turn make a better Nation

Objective of the C2C programme
   To assist the development of graduates and post- graduates with balanced set of technical skills, interpersonal skills and with a positive attitude to life.
   To act as a nodal external agency for the Institution for forging technology. Alliance between the college graduates, management and industries..
   To act as a seamless conduit between the college Management & students and provide quality manpower to suit every organizational need.
   TES (Test of employability skills) Grade to be analyzed every quarter during the 6 month programme .

You are a new graduate with an admirable business degree and you have set your heart on life as a business consultant. Unhappily, large obstacles lie in your way. No business degrees as yet address the art of consultancy; since you are fresh from campus, no one in the business world has experienced your rare skills. Most importantly, you are young and corporate managers will wonder what someone so unlined can teach them about running a business.

The good news is that the, Res Populus, has come out with this Novel concept to bring all such fresh talents under the programme called “Initiatives in Business Development Group (IBD)”, has recognized these impediments and devised a scheme to reduce them. Graduates in business studies, post graduates, graduates etc will be trained under the special scheme to develop/ enhance the skills in listening, communication, business writing, business discussions etc for a period of 6 months after which they will be deputed to known project offices to manage various domains. Thos of them who wish to pursue certification programmes shall be given necessary counseling to take up such courses which shall have international accreditation they will also shadow and be shadowed by a mentor as they master the challenges of consultancy /corporate jobs/work.

Each student will be assigned a permanent mentor who will supervise their work, and they will shadow experts in different fields as they diagnose and resolve clients' concerns. "If a company has cash-flow problems we'll assign a cash-flow expert who the student will work with and if the client wants health and safety advice they'll attach themselves to a health and safety expert," which are just set examples to understand more on the assignments to cater to Res populus initiatives.

After an intensive induction programme, students must take on corporate clients, depending on the availability for taking up their services and have the back up of the mentor, for which they shall be paid reasonable stipend as agreed upon. In between, they are expected to attend three corporate development programmes and write three 6,000-word essays on what they have learned from each aspect of the course.

Assessments for Success

Preparing for Campus recruitment Success (CRS)
Assessments for Success are designed to assess your skills and help you succeed; they do not affect your Current college curriculum. Completing your assessment early will help you succeed by ensuring that you are placed in the Communications course, offered by the said company that is right for you.

Based on your program, the Communications Assessment may exempt you from one or more of your required Communications courses. As well, if your program requires Math, the assessment will determine any recommended developmental work and may be used to determine exemption eligibility.

Students are placed for practical training in various establishments according to their area of interest and specialization. Monitoring of training of students in different industries is conducted by faculty members of respective departments. Analysis of industrial training is carried out on the basis of evaluation report received from the industries, matter content and presentation of the training report submitted by the students and viva-voce conducted by the expert committee, constituted, (discipline wise),for the purpose.

Career Talks / Expert Lecture:
With a view to bridge the gap between industrial requirements and academic curriculum, experts from the various fields of engineering and management are invited to enable the students to know and understand the requirements of industries and accordingly prepare themselves for the future.

Aptitude Test-Pshycometric, General ability, Mental ability, Numeric ability
For Appearing any company’s interview either in campus or off –campus aptitude test is the first stage. For competitive examinations also there is an aptitude test as a part of the examination. We conduct practice aptitude test. The syllabus is declared usually 3-4 days before the test & result is declared immediately.

Mock G.D.
Some organizations conduct Group Discussion round in their recruitment process. For comfort & ease during such actual G.D, practice on before hand is always important. Every month Mock G.D. is planned. Subject is usually displayed on the notice board. Latest topics, current issues, popular happenings are discussed in such Mock G.D’s.

Mock Interviews
For getting feel of actual interviews we schedule one slot every week for Mock Interviews. Interested students take prior appointment, prepare for the interview and visit T & P office for such Mock Interviews. Many successful students who are placed through campus placement have credited their success to such Mock Interviews.

Individual counseling is provided to students for employment potential in various industries / organizations including self employment, opportunity in defence services and scope of higher education within the country and abroad and apprenticeship scheme after their graduation.

Training and Placement Department is fully functional and proactive. The department is geared up to provide its quality services not only in employment to students during studies, but also their employability through well planned and organized training and personality development programmes in their development to face the corporate world.

Space for Opportunities
   Students in the final year will always have worries about their future jobs and careers
   There is always a huge gap between their campus environment and corporate environment
   Very few people fill the gap by doing real internships
   Most colleges does not teach students on:
  • Soft Skills
  • Etiquettes
  • Confidence Building
  • Communicative English
  • Communications skills including emails, text messaging, social media platforms such as FB, Linkedin,etc.
  • Interview Skills
  • Dressing and Grooming for interviews and corporate environment
  • Insights on actual corporate environment, team structure and dynamics
  • Domain knowledge about the segment where the student wants to be placed (software, banking, accounting, marketing, etc.)
  • Leadership Skills
  • Right attitude

What Campus2Corporate offers?

Training and Workshops for students in the areas of:
   Personal Branding
   Interview Skills
   Leadership Skills (very essential for B-Schools admisions)
   Communication Skills (Normally covered under Personal Branding, but can be handled separately in more detail)
  • Body Language
  • Writing Skills
  • Vocal Skills
  • Mobile Etiquette
  • Using Social Media

   Etiquettes (normally covered under Personal Branding, but can be covered separately)
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • International Etiquettes (Required for people aspiring to move into BPO and Software)

   Confidence Building – NLP Can be used
   Presentation Skills – NLP can be used
   Domain Skills (Banking, Insurance, Software, Manufacturing, Process, etc)
   Training using simulated environments wherever required

Value Additions: Campus2Corporate

If required we can oraganize success coaching using NLP;
   Phobia Cure
   Bad habit De-addictions
   TES- Test of Employability Skills
   CEI- Candidate Employability Index
   ECI- Employee Career index
   Psychometric Testing Tools like Firo-B, MBTI, PF16 etc.