The C. S. I. Congregation, Chicago was founded in 1989. The decision regarding the formation of the congregation was made in a general body meeting, presided by Presbyter Rev. George Isaac (who is now a retired CSI Bishop); and the congregation was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois on March 2, 1990. The congregation initially assembled at Agape House, a Chapel for the University of Illinois at Chicago.Presently, we worship at The Church of Our Savior Episcopal Church at Elmhurst.

We have been blessed with pastoral leadership from Rt. Rev. George Isaac, Rev. Dr. Christopher Kurian, (late) Rev. C.S. Philip, Rev. K.C. Mathew, Rev.  Dr. Vijayakumar, Rev. Dr. Jayaprakash Sabithi, Rt. Rev. K. P. Kuruvilla, Rev. P. V. Joseph, and presently Rev. Dr. Lawrence Johnson. These pastoral leaders are from various CSI dioceses in and out of Kerala, and this is a visible example of the Congregation’s vision of the universality of the Church. Similarly, our membership is from many regions of India.

This congregation championed the cause of the Council of CSI Congregations in North America. In order to arrive at the formation of this umbrella organization, there have been many efforts through numerous deliberations and meetings, and our congregational leaders contributed immensely in those formative years. The tireless effort of Mr. John Wattachanackal and Rev. Mathew Idiculla were instrumental in the formation of the CSI Council of North America. Our youth have always been active in the CSI Family Conference in North America, and they play a dominant role in conducting youth activities under the CSI Council. Blesson Thomas in 2007 and currently Christopher Kurien are the Youth Directors of the Council of C.S. I. Churches in N. America. We are proud that two of our pastors became bishops in CSI Dioceses in Kerala. Rev. Mathew Idiculla and Mr. John Wattachanackal, two of its members, have pursued theological studies. Among the notable leaders the congregation has been blessed with, we feel honored by the work and leadership of (late) Rev. C.S. Philip.

Our Church members and pastors have been giving energetic leadership in the Council of CSI Congregations in North America as well as Ecumenical Council of Kerala Churches in Chicago. Mr. Sam Thomas, Rev. Mathew Idiculla and Mr. Samuel Johnson served as Secretaries, and Rev. Dr. Lawrence Johnson now serves as president of the Ecumenical Council. The congregation and its youth are active in the Ecumenical Council of Kerala Churches in Chicago. They present programs in Family Nights, participated in the Volley Ball Competition, and Brian Thomas won the essay competition in 2008. We are proud of Jeeno Jacob Chandy and Jacob Koshy (Soni), two of our youth members, who served the U.S Army in Iraq and Afghanistan respectively. Our congregation, especially our youth, have been striving to reach out to the poor and the suffering through various social activities. We have supported the UN Disaster Relief, for the relief of the Gulf refugees, in 1990-91, Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami, Mandiram of Manganam (a house for homeless in Kerala), Palliative Care ministry and built a home for a family in Kerala. We have been supporting a mission center in Utter Pradesh, India.

The services of the Youth Band and Church Choir make our worship service beautiful and lively. They also perform at various special occasions like Christmas carol, visiting nursing homes, soup kitchen and conferences. Mr. George Verghese gives efficient leadership to our Church Choir. We are thankful to God for keeping our Church as a spiritually empowering, socially enriching and friendly community.


116 Church Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126, Ph: 773 213 1297

 Rev. Dr. Lawrence Johnson

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