St. Mary’s Orthodox Church was established in 1982 by priest Kuriakos Thottupuram. Sunoj Achen (Rev.Fr. Sunoj Maliyil) has been the Assistant Vicar of St.Mary’s Parish from July 2005. Chor Episcopa Kuriakos Thottupuram is our Vicar. St. Mary’s is the extension of the first ministry for the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians that was started in 1971 by Rev. Fr. Kuriakos Thottupuram. The primary mission of this church was spiritual nourishment of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians who had not maintained membership in any other churches in Chicago.

This parish has been a part of the American diocese and will be a member parish of the new Southwest American Diocese, under the Catholicos of the East, who is the Chief Hierarch sitting on the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas in the East. This was formerly based in the Middle East, and became defunct due to Muslim persecutions. The same was restored in Malankara (the ancient name of the present State of Kerala in India) in 1912. The head of the Orthodox Syrian Church of the East is His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Didymos I, seventh Catholicos of the East in Malankara.

The Church building has a main sanctuary that has a pew capacity to accommodate more than 300 worshippers on the second floor of the main building. The church is adorned with beautiful Orthodox icons. Our church complex also includes a two-storey school building and rectory for the pastor to live in. The school building has a large hall on the second floor with capacity to accommodate about 200 persons in meetings or worship services. There are also larger classrooms and library facilities on the second floor. The first floor of the school building has large halls and classrooms. The rectory is a two-bedroom facility with a spacious living room and a large kitchen which is currently accommodating our Assistant Vicar.

The entire church complex, within a residential neighborhood, is on a corner lot covering more than an acre of land surrounded by drivable alleys on two sides and main streets (Oak Park and 96th Street) on the other two sides. St. Mary’s is a beautiful church in a beautiful suburb of Chicago. Our worship on the last Sunday of every month is in the English language.

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  • Harmony Festival: Sep 12,
    at 9 AM at Syro Malabar

    5000 Saint Charles Rd,
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